Running for the Prize


Running for the prize is a compilation of poems that relate the spiritual race that we as Christians are running on a daily basis to receive the crown of life that awaits all of us at the end of the race. Many of the poems are written from biblical excerpts or they may have a biblical reference.

There are some poems that are historical, and others that relate to personal life experiences whether they are serious or humorous that is added to complete the collection. The major focus of this book is on God and the prize that He has for us after we have completed this race of life.

Since God is the source of love, it was my endeavor to show that the depth of His love for man is far greater than for any other creature. His love wasn’t just stated it was proven. It is my prayer that this book will encourage its readers to reciprocate that love to him as well as to others.

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Xulon Press

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October 9, 2012

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